Monday, June 4, 2012

Sum of My Life


Life has been hectic nowadays and Alhamdulillah we managed to have a small do for Sophia's Aqiqah. Rasa lega bila dah settle kan perkara nan satu ni.

Sophia is turning 2 this coming 11 June!, therefore, we gonna have a small celebration this saturday, just our family, and our neighbour and her babysitter. Small to us is relatively quite a number of people yeah because family ramai. Planned to order rainbow cake tapi my sister warned me, jangan lah takut orang tak makan. Therefore SR Indulgence it is.

Initially, we are supposed to go for a short trip to PD this saturday to celebrate sophia's birthday, Avillion hotel already booked at a good price but then have to cancel because Mr husband later on told me that he was supposed to fly to KK the next day for working purpose. I was devastated, geram sebab the kids dah calling for beach and sand castle but what to do kan. Nasib baik cancellation was free. Funny thing was, lepas cancel je, got sms from him telling me that tak jadi pergi on Sunday, instead he'll be flying on Monday.
I guess, takde rezeki nak pergi.

Sarah's school is going to be relocated at somewhere yang we do not really like. But kat Kuang tak banyak choice for tadika. To be exact, tadika yang fulfill our criteria - Islamic-English Medium. Sarah pun seronok pergi school, and we are going to meet the teacher this Saturday for her progress report. Excited and nervous at the same time!

I am as fat as a baby elephant. Mr husband agrees to. Maybe we are just happy bunch and lately selera bertambah tambah. Yeah, it is true that kalau happy memang berselera makan. *nangis tengok thigh*

I need to stay away from shopping malls this month. Jari pun kena tahan without online shopping. Bulan 6 nak kena bayar yurun Sarah for next semester and next month pulak road tak mati. Target to utilise duit gaji saja, and takmo guna duit saving.

Ramadhan is coming up, and we are excited!!!

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