Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Progress Sarah

All of sudden, Sarah told me a strory.

'Anjing yang tamak'

Seekor anjing sedang berjalan- jalan,

Dia nampak seketul tulang dan menggonggong tulang itu,

Sampai di sungai dia nampak bayang - bayang sendiri,,,,,,,

Seriously is that what i heard? Rasa terharu sangat because I used to know this story when I was 7 kut... and obviously, i did not know the word 'menggonggong' at that time.

As to date;
- she recognize all the numbers and alphabets (both rumi and jawi, but don't know how to read yet)
- Memorise and can recite doa makan and doa penerang hati with the english translation (which the translation mcm bahasa german but it is okay)
-Can recite certain ayat-ayat dalam solat i.e a little bit of takhiyat awal, sedikit doa qunut.

proud of her. Hoping to hear positive review about her from the teachers soon.

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