Thursday, June 14, 2012

2 Days of Being a Housewife

Mr husband went to KK last Monday for work purpose, and the moment he told me about that I knew that I had to take a leave. Reason why;-

All this while, he is incharged of the kids in the morning because his office is just 5 minites from home and with the kinda flexible working hours, he just fit the role. From cleaning the house (just sapu sikit2), waking up the kids (this is hard because my Sophia is usually cranky), bathing Sarah, do the bed and drive them to school and Mak Ros. He is doing a big role in the family.

So i got to play daddy + mommy for 2 days, and I love it so much. Except that I think if I am a housewife, i will be less presentable kut. I sees myself berpeluh satu badan by 8 am, and terus bergegas to send Sarah to school and memang didn't care much to put on a proper attire.Just wore a lazy pants and oversize t-shirt and donning the Ariani. Easy peasy. no powder and no lipstick were put on and I think I kinda look like maid. Lucky that husband not here to witness it. (Or did he witnessed this before? So shameful)

But all the these could not overtop my satisfaction in caring for the kids and home on my own. Looking at the happy faces of Sarah when she saw me fetching her from school, and Sophia is so closed to me that she always needs me pacify her. (Did I tell you that sometimes she requested for my boobs). And the eagerness of them to eat my home cooked lunch with second helping, the pure satisfaction when i got to sweep the dry leaves off my lawn, wiping off the dust at corners... it is just wow!

At one moment, i feel like tendering the resignation letter BUT, reality checked. No, not yet.. Whenever mr husband is ready, then I am ready to stay at home. or even if i could do an at-home job that could earn me 1/2 of my salary pun, I am willing to.

But then, here I am today. Writing this in the office during lunch time. If it was yesterday, I was busy at the dining table, feeding them..

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