Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diary Sophia (II)

After more than a week of trying to potty train her, we think that she is not fully ready. She only 60% diaperless. here is why;-

- She didn't tell us she wanted to pee, instead we had to asked her everytime.
- She only tell us whenever she wanted to poop because she thinks its gross to do the business there and then. Funnily she cried after seeing her poop.
- Mak ros thinks that she is doing ok, never wet at all. I think its due to the fact that she has extra hands, and her two daughters are with her now and the daughters keep asking Pia to go to the toilet every 10 minutes, while Mak ros herself got to do something else at the same time.
- I failed because, i was busy cooking and baking and have 'neglected' her for a while and that was the time Pia decided to pee on the floor.
- Pia, the smart one will cry afterwards, afraid that we will scold her like mad. (yeah we did -__-" )

The conclusion
1) Pia will be diaperless during the day at Mak Ros and until before bedtime. We brought her to the washroom to pee before she went to bed and wear her a diaper. Every morning we found that either the diaper was fully dry or have a very minimal wet.

2) During weekend, she will be diaperless whenever Mr husband are around, or if he is not around until i am free from doing the housework.

3) It takes two to tango. Pia need to co-operate. I know it takes time but its okay. She better takes her own sweet time afterall she is just 22 months. I am not gonna put high expectation and would not expect he to be as good as Sarah's.

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