Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Story To Tell

I have a lot to tell.

Sarah has been progressing well at school. But, this school got lots of homework which she is pretty excited as everytime balik rumah she will ask to "belajar buku." Hopefully the excitement last till forever lah or else we will penat to nag at her to do the homework later on.

But the drama at the kindy already started. Last friday she came back and pointed at his swollen lips. Apparently, one of the boys main lasak sangat and tertepis tangan to her mouth. Sedikit berdarah but it is okay. And yesterday, she lost one of her sock. So balik rumah semalam pakai sock sebelah je. -__-

Sophia has been clingy as ever. As I go to work every morning at 6.30am, so when she wakes up memang she will cry for me. Sedikit sadis disini as I could imagine how mr husband have to juggle with the girls alone. To prepare Sarah for school and to layan Pia's tantrum at the same time, and he himself got to work later on. Sure pening!

Mr husband as always he is, loves eating and always in denial thinking that he is eating healthily. I personally think that he isn't fat, but is just big. Gotta watch his eating habit as his family got history of diabetic, high blood pressure and etc.

And me? I got to lose some weight. Reasons? later I tell you.

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