Thursday, February 2, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow!

My goodness!
Schedule are out! and we received this thick file consists of the syllibus but until end of this year saja. Next year punye schedule belum keluar.
Not sure whether i am able to cope up with this things.
With the new org. chart which involves lots of analysis need to be done. I am in a headache. Pening kepala!

Don't wanna think about the assignments once the class starts.Tomorrow is the first class btw, wish me luck.
Gonna prepare lots of sweets and water to keep me wake up. One thing about me is I can never focus on lectures 9am - 5 pm. During those uni days when we took Principle of management subject, all i can remember was banyak mengelat, banyak ponteng, tiru assignments.

And now i am taking full management course! phew...

Yesterday i asked one of the HR boss, takde option ke whether to accept or not the nomination. Guess what he said?
"No, kecuali berhenti"...


shiela said...

cabaran baru bermula..chai yuk chai yuk..:D

AisYah said...

Thank you shillll...assignment xleh tiru dah...