Monday, January 2, 2012

Random things.

- we bought the two of my most wanted kitchen gadget, very happy and satisfied!

- husband woke up in a middle of the night, semi concious and suddenly feels that something on top of him. (no, not me :p). it was dark and he was scared thinking that kena tindih or something like that. after a while he checked it was pia, sleeping soundly and salivating to his chest. funny!

- My oh my, Ariani sale was so good, everything is half price And the promo was great. i went mad and bought a lot. like a lot!

- we cant get enough of Daiso! Whether the one at The Curve or Aeon Rawang, we'll buy something. from hats to sticker to origami paper to ramekins and to so many things. so cheap, everything is at rm5.

- i got flu, runny nose, fever and cough and hate that
-sarah gonna start to school in 2 days time and we are one emotional parent.
-and...i have 3 additional uniforms to be ironed every week now.

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