Friday, December 20, 2013

My Breastfeeding Story

Ali is turning 6 months in 10 days. As cliche as it may sound tapi, cepat gile okay. and with that, I still breastfeed him until today. Though tak exclusively because he takes around 10% of FM masa kat babysitter house. I am okay with that as long as his major food source are coming from my boobies. In fact, I feel proud sebab the two elder tak BF this long.
I do not want to tell what happened with the previous two but lessons I learnt regarding breastfeeding with previous child and pregnencies were, always do your research, educate your spouse and family and yang paling terutama is doa pada Allah. You can gain as much info and educate yourself but if Allah tak grant a rezeki for you to BF then memang takde rezeki kita.
Bila I tau I was pregnant, I started berdoa supaya diberikan rezeki untuk succesfully BF my third child and Alhamdulillah, diberi rezeki dariNya.
I experienced severe ups and downs but thank goodness for friends and colleagues around me yg tak putus-putus bagi semangat dan tips.
Dan bersyukur sangat because hubs is supporting me all the way. Sebenarnya, rasa terharu bila dia beritau yang dia pun berdoa masa baby dalam perut. I jokingly said to him yang sebab nanti awak jimat duit susu kan.. hihi. But, seriously memang kena give him credits sebab all this while he took charge of cleaning and sterilizing the pumping tools and bottles everyday. ( I hate the cleaning job, I think it is tedious) Dia yang prepare the EBM to be sent to babysitter, making sure my nursing cream and nursing pads are sufficient and every other breastfeeding related thingy except for giving a boobies, he takes charge.
Breastfeeding also change our way of life particularly myself. I see myself lebih tenang, and bonding with Ali and hubs is becoming even more helpful.
Whatever the reason is, I love breastfeeding. Looking forward for one and a half year journey...

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