Friday, September 28, 2012

Herbs and Spices

I love cooking although may not be really good at it. My favourites are always western-kinda dish, because for a pemalas person that always on the go like me, they are easy and does not requires much effort.

I have a special cabinets to place all my herbs and spices and love it so much. It's just at the top right above the gas stove and very much reachable.

I love experimenting with different kind of spices and these are my most used herbs and spices. Cajun~it gives you slight tingy-hot-sour aroma but to me cayenne pepper is much hotter. Mixed spice~sweet spices. I just love this. Mixed Herbs~ So useful when making pasta. Black peppercorn and blackpepper and garlic. What I like about this brand is it comes together with the grinder so you'll get freshly grind pepper each time. At the back there are parsley leaves, bay leaves, dried oregano. And the glass jars behind are where I store my kunyit, buah keras, cloves, or any other malay/indian spices.

Among the easiest dishes, that I have shared in my Instagram.  Whatever the name is, I just marinate the chicken overnight with barbeque sauce, add in some cajun, mixed spice, black pepper, salt. Then steam the potatoes for awhile and put all everything in baking dish. Sprinkle some yellow onion then just dumped it into the oven for about 45 minutes with 180 deg. Easy peasy!

And this, basically the same except that I slather the top of the chicken with some pasta sauce. Yummy. And that yummy, crunchy coleslow. Man, I am salivating at my own food and I am not perasan. haha.

Oh. I love my table clothes as I am into checkered design lately. Gotta blog about this piece of clothes that is so much fuss-free. Fuss as in it does not leaves any stains on it. Perfect for a pemalas mom with small kids like me.

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