Monday, January 16, 2012

In 2012, I'm Back to School.

I received a (good or bad, i don't know) news last Thursday. It wasn't a surprised, but i did not expected it either.

A few months before we ended 2011, boss came and tell me that he gonna nominate me for some programs that the company is conducting. A program that meant to groom certain people to be in a managerial line someday, with lots of classes, workshops, presentations, book reviews and what not. I then was asked to sit for a test with lots of questions (IQ,common sense, algebra etc) Then for an evaluation test which was hard. First, evaluating myself. There is 100++ questions. Then two peers (selected by me), two peers (selected by HR which I don't know who), two subordinates, and two bosses are evaluating me. All together 8 people are evaluating me. Just to see the consistency and to know where I am at the eyes of the evaluator. Scary it is.

Total candidates was 40 people and only 20 will be selected. And guess what, I am one of them. If you ever read last saturday's newpaper under the economy section/column. you'll know that The Company has collabarate with MIM for this program.The course is for a duration of 1 1/2 years, classes are on fridays and saturdays (whereas schedule is not yet received).

Mr husband is being supportive, as always. Before took the test we've discussed the pros and cons about it, and tell me to go with the flow and go for it. I foresee lots of challanges awaiting me but hey, this is one of the opportunity. Think positive and happy studying.

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shiela said...

ini mcm good news..yet challenging..gud luck wokeh..aku pun support..hehe..caya lah ko..!!