Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Plans.

My 2012 plans for the family.

1. Do a little make over to our house. Thinking of changing a new curtain, a colorful pastel and cute prints. The current Damask prints in the house are just too serious and boring. I want to add more colors, i.e cute picture frames, cushions and some knick knacks. Wish to have a cozy home.

 Isn't this lovely? -google-

And the cushion covers are cute too. -google-

2. More home cooking than eating/tapau outside. We can't help to dine outside sebab sometimes tak cukup masa nak masak and sometimes is just malas to death. But this year, at least 4-5 days mesti home cook. Nothing else.


Can't wait for the additional kitchen cabinet to be installed in a two weeks time!

And yeah, that's my resolution for 2012.

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