Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Updates

We have reached a 8th year anniversary a couple of weeks ago and no, no celebration and no gifts exchange among us. Ala, not like we really celebrate it every year pun..
This year after wishing each other, we had a chat. Every year, we talk about our plan and dreams and achievement as a parent, how the kids go along and how we wanted them to be. Kids are growing up and makin mencabar. I prefer them to be babies sebab senang nak menjaganya. Parenting ni memang susah kan? there is no right or correct method t and selalunye the best parenting = the best result. Regardless apa cara pun.
Anyway, hubs initiated a routine of solat and mengaji at home for Sarah. So far so good, except there are times when dia penat so kita tolerate lah baca iqra one page instead of two pages. For Sophia pulak, she is still in a playful phase. Bila pakai telekung and during the whole solat, sepuluh kali buka pakai telekung. Dia ni meticulous sikit. Tak boleh senget. And if baju basah kena air terus protes nak tukar baju lain. Memang buat naik darah. So it really depend on her, kalau nak solat ok sila follow. But if dia refuse we are okay. Takpe, she is just 4 and kami tak nak paksa.
Ali. Well, well. The only boy at home jadi we are so over him, asyik nak cuddle je and he has always being clingy with me as I am his source of energy. But I love it! I love the way he is being so attached, so wanting me and making me feels very important.
Hmm. Tahun ni we all tak pergi anywhere lagi. No vacation yet. thought of going to Langkawi again but Ali is so small for a speed boat ride and snorkeling. Sarah dah pester us for beaches but we haven't plan any yet. Ok gotta do some planning.
Nanti cerita lagi.

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